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Jual Mesin Display Steamer Bakpao – MKS-DW38 di Lampung

Mesin Display Steamer Bakpao – Dimsum – MKS-DW38

Mesin display steamer kue ini berfungsi untuk steamer (mengukus) bakpao, dimsum, sio may, dll. Sekaligus mendisplay agar menarik bagi customer




Fitur dan Keunggulan Mesin Display Steamer ini

  1. Mirror Stainless steel body, shining and good looking;
  2. High quality door locking device,to keep inside temperature; 
  3. Heat preservation of dry and wet;
  4. Nice Display effect;
  5. Widely sold to Australia,Newzealand, Phillipines and other South Asia countries.
  6. Popular with CVS (convenient store)

Spesifikasi Mesin display steramer (pengukus)

  • Model: MKS-DW38
  • Dimensions: 380X400X745MM
  • Volts: 220-240V/50-60Hz
  • Power: 0.9KW
  • Weight:24Kg
  • Harga : Rp. 4.890.000





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